Site down - blank pages loading

I started having problems two days ago. All the pages went down with “database connection error”. I fixed the database passwords in wp-config.php to match the database. I stopped getting a database connection error. Instead, I was getting redirected to /wp-admin/install.php anytime I clicked on any link. So I found out that my database prefix was off in my wp-config.php configuration file. So I fixed that. Now, when I try to load any subpages they just come up blank and there’s no error message. My main page loads but I believe that may have to do with caching.

I’ve been “working” with support for two days on this. I just submitted a request with the $10 call back option. I need help, please.

For future reference, somehow my wp-config.php file was referencing the wrong database and username since I had so many databases it was actually a bit tough for me to tell which one was the right one. Once I got that all squared away it worked.
I also went into mysql and “checked” and “repaired” the tables. Not sure if this last step was necessary.
edit: also it seems that the original(correct) database had somehow gotten deleted that’s why it couldn’t be found. Not sure how this could’ve happened.

I took a look at you support history and im glad to see that you’ve gotten it figured out now. Reply to Sean’s email if we can help with anything else there!