Site down all day



My site has been down since about 2PM. The server is limbo-randy2. The server had been flakey but this is rediculous. 6 hours?

What’s really weird is the server is up. I can ssh in, I can ftp, and if I look at the logs, apache is running. It just doesn’t return anything. The error logs are full of gzip errors (which is off on my wordpress install)

The only thing that DOES work is static content like images.

I have not changed anything and nothing that is dynamic works.

I reported to techsupport but they don’t seem to feel like responding today.

Is anyone else having this problem?

#2 is working fine here at the moment (Firefox / WinXP).

Edit: By the way, very interesting site :slight_smile:


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Yeah, it just came back up, thanks!


I think there is something strange happening at DreamHost at the moment. The panel is currently down for me, it was displaying a maintenance message earlier, but now it just doesn’t respond. The DreamHost wiki and this forum have also been a bit flakey. Also, there were some email problems earlier.

It is possible that all these issues are related. I hope DreamHost gets on top of whatever is causing it and things return to normal soon.


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I noticed that too, but they haven’t updated their status blog at all. I was just hoping for some sort of feedback from them.


Things are definitely flaky at the moment. I’m having login forms on two of my drupal sites just not working at the moment. Actually, some of the login forms are working but others have just stopped working.

Considering this is a dev site that’s about to go into private beta at the end of this week (the one I just noticed this on), this is not good.

I’m starting to wonder if they’re having problems with their PHP or MySQL installs because I’m getting MySQL syntax errors that I’ve never gotten before.

This is seriously scaring the crap out of me…and my business partner, too.