Site Down All Day - MySQL broken/locked up with an error - Need DH Help


I sent a few messages to Dreamhost support hours ago with no response and I kind of have an emergency. I was hoping a Dreamhost employee would be on this forum to help fix the problem.

PhpMyAdmin gives the following error when I login, which is all the page displays:

#1203 - User ******** already has more than ‘max_user_connections’ active connections

I set my website to redirect all visitors to a 503 Maintenance page to reduce MySQL activity and so they can see something besides a blank page. Site has been down nearly 12 hours and the error is still there.

I tried rebooting my VPS server and MySQL PS server to no avail. I found that most of databases were still on the shared MySQL server, so they must not have migrated when I first got the PS, and I never received an error notice. I scheduled the databases to migrate to my MySQL PS, but it won’t start for another 8 hours… So I’m guessing something needs to be done on Dreamhost’s end with the shared MySQL server?

Kind regards

might want to tweet @DreamHostCare also.

Site down for 29 hours now, still no response from Dreamhost regarding MySQL.