Site down again

Notice my site has been down for about 20 mins but no dh alerts about any problems. Anyone else with problems.

Mine has been down for a good hour-hour and a half now :frowning:

I didn’t hear anything from them either.

me too. what server are you on? i’m on happy.

It would be interesting to know which sites go down how often… I setup a tracking-setup for my gallery webpage at

Total downtown in the last 2 months… 3 hours 20 minutes. (Can’t recall which problem that was… one particular announced downtime).

'Nothing seen other then that.

I think with the number of separate machines and number of different people this, OMFG WE’RE DOWN AGAIN posts are a bit over the top and falsly high because different people on different servers are associating them with dreamhost as a whole.

But… who knows I may be wrong.

I’m on Olympic. I didn’t have announcements turned on at the time (didn’t realize the default was only emergency notifications…), so I’m not sure if a notification went out, but support responded to a trouble ticket saying that this was the upgrade to Debian Sarge, and this kind of upgrade only happens once every couple of years.

Hopefully I’ll get the notice next time.

Related question – is SSH and SFTP working for others on my server? I’ve had to revert back to Telnet and vanilla FTP since the upgrade (using VanDyke SecureCRT and SecureFX).