Site down again

Site has been going down because of ‘unable to connect to mysql’ more than usual. Is this an ongoing problem with dh?

Notice that all the status information about server status is ok, but the site is down (because of mysql)

DH should actually have a status report on mysql servers, otherwise the status information is useless.

I just signed up about 12 hours ago with this company and already I’ve gotten two mySQL error/outages.

This is hardly an auspicious beginning, considering I’m going to be running 24/7 forums - so not good.

Id say they’re up about 99% of the time. Its just that 1% that murphys law dictates will take place durring a site upgrade or late night php coding marathon. Maybe it’s just the etherlords telling me to get some sleep. If so I’m sorry to have inconvenienced you all with bringing down the mysql servers, I’ll try to keep my coding to daylight hours. Maybe the etherlords will forgive me and bring sequel back up soon. In the mean time, one of my three sites is down.

Can you guys tell me which MYSQL server you are having trouble with?

hobbes has been playing up big time for me in the last 24 hours or so while tigger and juno have been fine.

EDIT: No this is not the norm for DH. I have had my account for 9 months and this is the first time I have seen what appears to be a re-occurring MYSQL server failure.

We’re on guiness with a couple of sites and other user are reporting the same sort of outage. I also had comments about how slow the site is. And given the sites are optimized the only weak link is mysql.

Could be that they are overloading the mysql servers which are simply not coping.

And I’m at almost the end of 12 months and was considering renewing, but now not too sure.

Problem is the time to research other hosts is a pain, anyone suggest a good, reliable host reasonably priced.

I’ve been having sporadic MySQL problems with hobbes since I signed up a few days ago. At the moment I’m afraid to give anyone my URL…if hobbes is flaking out on me with just one test user (myself) I’m scared of what may happen with 4 or 5 real users.