Site down after auto-renew

I have the same problem I’ve seen many people before me have suffered. I checked for auto-renew my 3 domains and when this happened mi sites went down and my mail is not working.
There have passed more than 24h and the support team have not solved it correctly. First they told me to update my DNS and then they told me to contact my DNS provider and set it to a static IP.
I’ve read other messages from users of this forums and they said that their problem was solved in a range from 24h to 6 days but there is no info about how.
Can anyone tell me if there is something I can do or if I have to wait for the support team to solve it?
Thanks in advance.

Is dreamhost your registrar? It seems like not, since they are telling you to make DNS changes manually? and which tld is your domain, .com .net info etc?

Well, even if Dreamhost is not my registar it’s the one that manages it because I obtained my 3 .es domains through Dreamhost.
That´s why I was puzzled to hear that I should contact my DNS provider when I thought Dreamhost was my provider.
I’m still waiting: 17 hours since support’s last reply, 28h since I cannot receive mails or use my online tools to manage my store.
Thanks for the interest.

Dreamhost acts as a sub-registrar in the case of .es

My take on what you have said here is that you have interacted with a dreamhost employee that has mis-diagnosed what is occurring.

Unfortunately auto renew does seem to be a problem with the tld is not .com. .net, .org, or .info – I wonder why dreamhost doesn’t either fix it, or disable the feature for non- .com. .net, .org, or .info domains.


Employees do watch the forum, but they might see twitter more frequently, perhaps a tweet to @DreamHostCare with the ticket number asking for a second look by someone more experienced would bring faster results. If the email you use to sign in to this forum is different than the email for your panel account, you may want to post your ticket number here as well, because if they can’t find your account from the information here there will only be a further delay when they post here to ask for info to find the open ticket.

Thanks for the advice. I use the same address but I’ll put the ticket also: #5635869 (it started with #5633915 and then #5634437).

One of my colleagues replied to Santiago’s submitted ticket earlier re: the failed domain registration renewal, explaining that [quote]There is a bug in our system that we’re working on getting resolved.[/quote]

We recently partnered with a new registar for all of our TLD’s [except for .com, .org, .net, .info] so we’re still working out any kinks that might come up. :slight_smile:

Finaly it was solved. I am obviously dissapointed whith the time it took (nearly two days).
I strongly reccomend to disable auto-renew until you solve the issue or inform your customers about it.

Thank you for your patience – it’s very much appreciated. I’m sorry to disappoint; That is never our intention! Thank you for your feedback as well, Santiago. I’ll pass it along!