Site doesnt work... domain issues?


For some reason the site i just setup isnt working. It’s and I have set the name servers and setup the ftp accounts but the site just is not loading. Can some one please check my account and let me know what’s up?


You haven’t put all your files in the proper folder.

When you FTP in, you’ll see directories called “logs” and

All your stuff belongs in the folder.



Thank you for your reply. But when I log in there is no folder. Just logs and Maildir. Also, when I try to connect I cannot use as the host, it only works when I use


Go ahead a create a folder in your home directory. From what I see, resolves to Jasper, so it looks like it’s been properly set up.



No it def didnt work… Any other suggestions?


Well, that site is displaying an empty directory, and it is resolving to for me. If it is not doing the same for you, then likely the DNS you are using has not yet been updated, or you have something stuck in a cache somewhere.

You might try

As for why I can’t see the content you have uploaded, and you can’t see the directory, it sounds like you may have uploaded the content as a different user (which would explain why you can’t even see the directory!).

I suggest double checking under Manage Domains in the Web Panel to make sure you are uploading as the same user that the domain is configured to run under. :wink:

Other than that - part of what you are describing sounds like just plain old DNS update lag.



Following the directions here seems to work most of the time.

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