Site Development and Replacement of Old Site

I have a site located at and hosted by dreamhost. I want to develop a new joomla site that will then replace my old site. I would like to avoid downtime.

What is the best way to do this?

Can I set up a new ‘temp’ site like and then using the shell swap for I am worried about database connectivity, email lists, etc getting messed up if I do this.

Is there an easier way?

I create and note any config changes that point to that subdomain. For the database, I still use, but create a new database called joom2_db and new user joom2_user and keep them for the switchover. Not being a database guru, I don’t mess with the database, plus it’s transparent to my users anyhow.

Remember that if you one-click the dev installation, one-click won’t work once you switch it over without you having to jump through some hoops before going through all this.


Can you elaborate on some things?

config changes to what?

Why is the joom2_db needed?

If I sue the one-click, what do you mean that it won’t work once I switch it over, why?

Lastly, how do I switch from test to live?


The configuration.php file for Joomla has paths and URL’s for your site which will need to be changed when you move the site into production.

If you’re already running Joomla, or some other production site, your dev Joomla installation will need its own database, hence joom2_db and its associated user.

One-Click keeps track of the installation directory and database associated with the installation. One-Click will only upgrade the Joomla that’s in the original directory, and the original database.

To move an installation from a test environment/URL to your production environment/URL if you plan on sticking with One-Click upgrades, you’ll have to do the following:

  1. Back everything up! (Joomla directories and databases)

  2. Your existing site must have been installed via One-Click, or you’ll have to do a trial One-Click to your production site.

  3. Move/Copy your test Joomla directory ( to your final directory (

  4. Drop all tables from your production database (the database created with the One-Click to your live site). Restore your dev database into your production database.

  5. Edit the configuration.php file with all the proper settings for your production site.

If this is a lot of confusing hoops to jump through, you’ve got a few choices:
a) Bone up on UNIX and MySQL.
b) Find someone who is up on UNIX and MySQL.
c) Give up on One-Click support, which would require that you do manual Joomla upgrades, sending you back to a) or b).