Site design and issues (html, css?)


I have very little experience with hmtl and none with css styles. I have created the following site but have some pretty major issues with my result.

  1. images (logo at top and the verticle left bar and the top and bottom image bars, and background) are fixed so if each links page contains more than what fits in the area it shoves the credits at the bottom past the background and shows it repeat instead of readjusting.
  2. these images also repeat horizontally.

not sure if im explaining it exactly. but i created it with web expression 2 and it looked great on a 14-15" screen but on 17" or higher it repeats. I would also like to have a frame inside that lets me use the same top,side and bottom instead of editing every page when i add a link which is how i have it now. I know this has nothing to do with dreamhost or its services but thought there might be an easy way to figure it. please see my sig below if any of you have extra time and want to help us out! once i get this i will move on to lookin for help with the search bar.
God Bless

all help, suggestions, and code to improve our site is appreciated.