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I created and paid for an account last night, and haven’t heard anything. I received the receipt of payment but no information past that. So I cannot login to the panel to contact the support. Can you assist? I was looking to get some stuff setup before the week starts.


Even if you can’t log into the panel, you can still contact support through this link:

When you say you received a receipt for your payment, was that from your payment provider or from DreamHost? There are some circumstances and forms of payment where DreamHost takes time to do some extra checks and such and doesn’t just automatically process the payment.

We’ve heard abour payment fraud detection and we’ve heard about account abuse detection triggering this review.

If their process is still the same as when I signed up, you will first get a “DreamHost Payment Receipt” notifying you that they got your “payment” and that it is still processing. Then you’ll get a “DreamHost Account Approval Notification” saying that your account will be activated within the next 30 minutes. This second email repeats back to you your username and initial password and tells you your server.

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Check your spam folder, I’ve had a few Dreamhost emails go in there.

Thanks for everyones replies. I have used the support page listed earlier, and they have contacted me.

You were asked to give an email address and password when you signed up an plan.

And they are used to log into DH’s panel.

Did you mean that you can’t log into DH’s panel using them?

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