Site counter

I am using the suggested “goodie” page counter
Dreamhost counter
but wonder whether there is a site counter that I could use instead that would display the count of all page views for the entire site from some initial value.

hi jroland!!!i have a problem on how to convert the psd to html?


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Hi, jroland. For me, I use the counters at

It’s free and reliable. It can also be invisible and you can add counters to other sites on just one account.

@ lenorep0313, You have to use Slice Tool to make cut the different sections and then use go to File - > Save for web. That should work for any version of PS.

Hope that helped. is not free for us. They charge $19/month for sites like ours that get more than 1.5 million page loads/month. At that price it is cheaper to just save the Dreamhost-provided webstats to files and let visitors view those files. We would prefer to just give visitors access to those stats so we don’t have to do that.

1.5 million views per month, wow!

You can try sitemeter which has a free version, though I’m not sure if your traffic volume would exceed the free service.

As well, you can register with Google Webmaster services to get Google Analytics which will be 100% free.

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You guys don’t notice when some of the sites you host grow more and more popular over decades?

I have looked at Google Analytics but it seems like overkill. We just want to share reports about how many people are reading what, what they are looking for and finding or not finding, so we can plan what to add or make more convenient. We’re a non-profit educational site. We’re not selling anything. Ours is a free public service. We don’t buy or sell ads. We just let everyone link to us, which many do.

How about you suggest to your supervisors that Dreamhost offer a one-click sitemeter like the pagemeter we have on our homepage?