Site check?

I have just signed up to the ‘My Strictly Business’ account. I will be moving my sites from the current hosting company to Dreamhost one by one. How can I check the site to make sure all is working the way it should before I change over the DNS records?

Not really my area, but if you’ve got a working domain on your DreamHost account, you could set up sub-domains on it that point to each of the directories that you’ll have your main sites on; you can then preview, and so on, which should show you what’s going to work and what’s not… but only if you don’t use explicit links (

If you do, I don’t know of any easy way to check without having it hooked up to the domain proper.

What you can do is use a free sub-domain to test your site.

Use the “Domain > Add Domain” section of our web panel and add something like as a mirror domain that mirrors your real domain (which you haven’t actually transferred to us yet). Then will work exactly like your real domain! After you do the transfer you can then delete the dreamhost sub-domain.


Does a mirrior act like a forwarding service, which would just point to my current provider or would I have to upload the site to DH first and mirrior the sub-domain to the new uploaded site?

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I just did this myself last week:

  1. Set up the domain (e.g. in the control panel.
  2. Create the mirror subdomain (e.g. and have it point to the domain you set up in Step 1
  3. The mirror will point to the directory for the domain you set up in Step 1, so you can ftp/http etc. to and it will take you to your dreamhost account. (And of course when you make the DNS switch later, will go there too.)

That’s it! As someone mentioned above, relative links make it a lot nicer for checking out your site before it’s public.