Site Changes Still Not Updated After 24 Hours

I uploaded changes using my ftp client; pretty basic site, no wordpress, just static, basic html changes. The site changes still have not updated and I am getting the old version of the site.

I’ve cleared my cache, used several browsers, computers, checked the files multiple times on ftp and all looks good.

Not sure what else I can do on my end; any suggestions? We are trying to get some important information out to our membership in the next few days.


If all you have is static html and no server side caching then your changes should appear immediately, with at the most a ctrl-f5 type of server refresh.

That said, the most common error in this reguard is uploading the changes to the wrong ftp user. To verify that you are uploading to the correct ftp user, navigate in the dreamhost panel to the manage domains page. Find the domain (or subdomain) in question and check the “web hosting” column there will be a “user” listed there after the words “fully hosted”. Is that the user that you are logging in with when you upload the changes?