Site builder?


I’m just curious if there is a sitebuilder for dreamhost and also if i can transfer my previous website to deamhost


Ofcourse you can transfer your current site.

If you wish to use a cms I recommend joomla, which can be installed thru the web-panel (see also

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Thank you for your recent contribution to the Wikipedia!

Simon Jessey | Keystone Websites
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Please could someone stick an ‘e’ on the end of “On” in:-

On such $97 dollar discount coupon is: “THECIPHER”.

in that wikipaedia entry otherwise it will mean no sleep again for me! :s



You can rest easy now, the offending sentence has been removed (Simon?).

I am glad it was removed, could you imagine what the Dreamhost wikipedia entry would look like if everybody added their promos? It would end up being many hundreds of pages long… :slight_smile:

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