Site been down for more then 4 hours

My site (, which is hosted by DreamHost, has been down for more then 4 hours today, it still is, I don’t even know if it will ever come back online, a email from DreamHost would of been great, but I guess they are not paid for let their customer know what is happning with their server.

Funny enough their is working, I wonder if they are hosted by some other company themself.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem? please let me know, otherwise I guess I am gonna be the only lucky webmaster. is hosted in the same datacenter as your site.

As for me; my sites are all up. You will need to contact support because there’s nothing we can do for you unfortunately.

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My sites (on the ‘Bixel’ Server) are working fine. Which server is your site on?

I just checked and your site is not accessible from here either, but the server does respond to ping requests.


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thats my server, and I will email them right now, I am loosing alot of memebers cos of this, as its weekend

[quote]Funny enough their is working, I wonder if they are hosted by some other company themself.


Hosting companies like DreamHost usually operate more than 1 single server. So unless it’s a data center kind of incident, very often downtime is server-specific. It’s sad that DreamHost has yet to provide its users just any (let alone reliable) server monitoring mechanism. - Everything is negotiable.

My site was down for a while today as well, it’s back up now, but FTP is still down.

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site is back yesterday night, (Praise be to one Lord)

thank you all for replying :slight_smile:

I’ve had several outages over the last few days. It’s been driving me nuts actually. And a good friend who I referred to DH has had outages at the same time. Web only, not email. We must be on the same server. I’m close to throwing in the towel.

If you notice your site down today, and email being sluggish or down, read the page. They are currently undergoing a ddos attack, and some servers are down.

I am feeling the same way. It feels like my site has been going down weekly. As for the DDOS, aren’t hosting companies supposed to be able to handle that type of situation, without the users knowing about it?

most can handle a Vanila DOS
but a DDOS is more organized one with far more power, theres only a few servers that I know of that can handle any level of DDOS, being google server and the thirteen root servers

but this is annoying me, my site goes down for a couple hour a week, I feel like I’m on anglefire for the past 3 months, its good thing that I don’t get a lot of traffic, else I’d just switch hosts

I can’t really switch hosts now, i still got alot of months left with the contract… and I like hosting options from DH, its just the server that keep going down… I loose alot of regular members, who doesn’t back to the site, cos they think its been closed or taken off the net, as its a Islamic site aswell… lolz

I feel so guilty recomending DH to my mate couple of days ago…

Isit possible to move from Pizzarro.dreamhost… to someting else .dreamhost?

wouldn’t that be more reliable?

We will be moving sites off of the most unstable servers we have (pizarro is one of them) onto new machines to reduce the load on the servers and restore stability. You can send a request to our support team asking that we move your site as soon as possible.

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