Site Bandwidth Question

Ok so we get 2048 gigs per month 16 per week.


That roughly averages out to about…

2112 gigs per month or something…

a 4 week month that is 528 gigs…

in a 7 day week that is 75.43 gigs.

My question is this…

The 75.43 gigs per day If i go over that does the site go down and wait for the next day for it to start up again?

or does the site stay up and use all 2112 gigs till the site dies??

The reason I am asking is because I am going to have some videos on my site that are high bandwidth and don’t want my site to get taken down because the bandwidth issue.

Anyway let me know…

I am pretty sure that it’s for one month, and if it exceeds the limit of 2 TB (I don’t think you’ll get close to it without you noticing :wink: ), the site doesn’t get shut down, but you get charged per GB of transfer over the limit. Unless of course, you have made restrictions…

But my guess is, you’ll be fine.

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you can set up throttling the cpanel. set it to show visitors another page (e.g. “traffic exceeded”) if you are over 1500 mb for example.

otherwise, u pay for each GB over.

As has been said (perhaps not as clearly), the bandwidth is counted per month. So you can have 2000 Gigs in a single day and the remaining 112 Gigs spread over the other days, and this will be okay in terms of bandwidth usage. But…

You will hit the CPU limit long before the bandwidth limit!
– Chances are that if you have totally huge amounts of bandwidth then you also use a lot of CPU power on your webserver. If you did not get a dedicated server, then you are on a shared plan and then you have certain limits on CPU usage so that other people’s websites on the same server don’t suffer.

There is no exact measure of how much CPU usage is too much. But this is not so bad; DreamHost is friendly when it comes to that, they don’t simply turn your site offline.

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Is there any way to determine the bitrate or pipe size with DH? For example, how many videos can be streamed at one time from one domain at 500 kbs? I know it depends one what else is running on the same server.

But is there any way to measure this?


[quote]I know it depends one what else is running on the same server.

But is there any way to measure this? [/quote]
I think you answered your own question. :slight_smile:

Without knowing what else is consuming bandwidth on the server, at that particular time, any answer to your question would be little better than a guess.

You could run a few tests to find the available downstream bandwidth, for example downloading largish files from your server, but the results would only be valid for that particular instant. The results may differ greatly during various times of the day and from day to day.


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[quote]don’t simply turn your site offline.


But they may disable part(s) of it: See around 03/09/2006