Singup process doesn't tell you what's included


When sending someone to the signup page with a promo code giving extra free domains or IP numbers, there is no confirmation as to what is included in the deal. Instead the potential new customer is being asked to go through the whole signup phase first.


Make it clear on the signup landing page what they will be getting when they sign up: how many free domains, IP numbers and what monetary discount.

We are testing a completely new signup system that resolves this problem! Half of our signups are going to the new one and we’ll likely make that 100% soon. Here’s a screen shot showing the landing page of the new signup system - Promo landing page

That looks good!

BTW, I played around with and think I found a bug: It keeps the first promo code you used, so someone can not try out the different ones I am offering on my site for instance, they’re stuck with the first one they clicked on. That’s certainly not what I want, I want them to be able to try several before choosing.

The cookie called “promo” on does contain the last clicked promo code but this appears not to be picked up by

Thanks for the info; I’m looking into it!