Single user login for multiple components?

Hello, all.

I have a gallery, blog, and wiki on my site, and they are mainly for the private use of my users. Is there a way to have a single login (at the main web page) and allow them to access each of these, or a subset, without having to log into each one?

Currently, I am using the user/pass functions of each module, which require their own logins.


Sure, it’s possible, but not without some work. How much work is involved depends on the software you’re using. Look at the documentation for each of the applications you use to see if they can be integrated with other software. Wordpress, for example, can share a user database with MediaWiki by using the AuthPress extension for MediaWiki.

Aside from that, the best place to look would be the communities (forums, etc) around the software you’re using (if any).

If you want useful replies, ask smart questions.

Thanks - I wasn’t sure if I was missing something obvious, but I suspected it might take some doing.

Might one solution be .htaccess in the folders, allowing just those users, and turning off the user/pass function of the app? I suppose that may have other implications, though.

I’ll have a deeper look into the apps themselves. Thanks again.

some time back I was also keen on doing this.
I even got a script that would ask users to login and store the session/cookie.
But the main problem was (re-)coding all the applications to support that script. I eventually ended up not putting it to work.

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