Single user for all DB accesses?


I just got a new DH account and am setting up my site, databases etc. so this may be a newbie question.

I found the ‘Goodies:MySQL’ section of the control panel but am curious about the capabilities of the user that will be set up based on the username I fill in.

Is there really a single username for all database accesses? So the same user could add/drop tables as well as perform DB queries?

For comparison, back on my other webhost, we would have three users set up per database - one for just reads (worked great for ‘search’ functions), one for reads+writes and yet another for admin functions. This was a good way to limit the damage a malformed query could do.

Can I do something similar on DH? Or does the single DB user have all the capabilities? If so, I guess I will have to ‘harden’ my scripts to make sure that no malicious queries slip through.


  • Harshal

Well, I should have used the system before asking the question.

I created a database and then found that I could add as many users as I liked and could also assign different permissions for each user. So, problem solved! (Well, there was really no problem, just that I didn’t understand how the ‘set up DB’ worked).


  • Harshal