Single Site on Server Loading Slow


I have a personal website on Dreamhost ( and it is loading extremely slow.

It has been taking over 30 seconds to load for a few days now.

Can someone help me?

loaded normal for me. I suspect however, the apache glitch is the problem sometimes.

Hi lindleywhite,

Thank you for contacting us for support. I see our support team recently replied to your ticket. I took the liberty to look into your site for myself and I found a slight issue with the apache service. I got that sorted out and your sites now resolves without issue :slight_smile:

If you should need any more help please reply back to the email our support team sent you or you can hit us up on twitter @DreamHostCare

Matt C took 140 seconds to connect for me from San Diego, California which I consider very slow.

504 error for me.

over 120 seconds for me right now which is my browser timeout.

Super fast for me and I’m not even on the work network (just a crummy ol’ TWC).

80+ seconds here. Clearly something’s up.

Hi Lindley,

It looks like is using a custom DNS A record pointing elsewhere, so the Apache wouldn’t be causing the slow load on your site. Perhaps check with your host for that domain to see what might be causing the intermittent slowness, as the site is loading quickly for me at the moment.

If the slowness is on any of your subdomains that are hosted with us, you can definitely submit a support ticket and we’ll look into it for you.


My website is slow these few days too! Always has 503 error even I updated WordPress and Plugins. Could you please help me on that??

Thank you so much!

My website is