Single SFTP/Shell account for all domains?

Is there a way to setup a single user to have access to all domains? I have 5 but I am the only user and having 5 logins is getting kind of stupid.

You’d have to move everything to the one user.

Personally, each domain I have is set up under a different user. I use SSH with keys, so it’s not a hassle at all to log in. Plus, with my FTP program (Transmit), when I log in to a domain, I start in the domain directory, and not my user directory, which saves me a step.


I do use a single user to access a couple domains and this isn’t the best situation either. I want to protect two domains from one another, and protect various paths within a single domain from different users. But because I’ve created the whole site under a single user I’m having a problem getting permissions to do what I want.

Ironically I’ve found that SFTP allows a user access to see the entire server, and anything created in the user’s group, and we can’t change that. Where FTP does allow a user to get locked to a single path and related subdirectories. To me, that’s stupid.

Maybe we can learn something from one another?

Turn on Enhanced Security for your user. It’s an option when you Manage Users -> Edit. Note that this isn’t the “Extra Web Security” for your website.

I like the idea that an FTP user is sandboxed. It actually gives us the option of protecting ourselves against our users. If we want to allow them more freedom, use SFTP.


Am I the only one who sees a truckload of irony in that?

Maybe I could have worded it better, but it’s only slightly ironic. More advanced users tend to know to use SFTP. Users with limited experience tend to use FTP, so sandboxing them makes more sense. Like if we could sandbox AOL users to AOL only (more applicable to 10 years ago than today).