Since server migration, 504 gateway timeout errors

Dreamhost recently moved my Movable Type-based website to a new server and since the migration MT is throwing constant “504 Gateway Timeout” errors.

I see this error each time I post to the site:

  1. input a new entry
  2. hit “Post”
  3. the request hangs and I end up with a 504 error page
  4. refresh the site my post is always there, it’s not lost

Previous to the migration I never saw an error. Dreamhost support has been less than helpful and I have no idea what could be causing this. I am running the most current version of Movable Type (5.2.7).

Does anyone have any ideas? This is really frustrating since nothing has changed except on Dreamhosts’s end.

Just a few things to check (I am not tech-support, just went through something similar but with WordPress):

are you still using the same version of PHP?
was there any special PHP settings that your previous setup had that maybe did not migrate?
was there any changes since the migration that are different from your original installation that was working? (upgraded to newest version, added some plugins,…etc)

My memories with MT are thinning as the days go by, but sierracircle’s suggestion of checking PHP is my number one pick. MT uses a lot more memory when posting since it has to rebuild everything, and I thought it was all going through cgi, but it’s been a while since I’ve been super active with it.

How many posts ddo you have?