Since Cherryville server move scam cannot update any wordpress site

without processwatch killing the update and breaking the site. Please tell us again how the 2016 server move scam benefited the customers? It’s done nothing but cause me over 100 hours of extra work because every site on the account now has this problem. The entire server move was just to police customers account and they have settings on the software on our account that won’t allow 3 out of 5 plugin updates or main wordpress updates. The software kills the update which will break your site. If you try and update Wordpress master files, you run a high chance of having to reinstall or rebuild your site. If you complain too much they will just delete your account as has been documented by former customers. Dreamhost just plays dumb like they don’t know what is causing the issue. They are doing this to force customers to buy overpriced VPS. Was also funny how our dreamhost account got hacked and bought $500 worth of dreamhost services. Hmm. Wonder who was behind that? Derp. Derp.

Thank you for contacting us, we apologize for the frustration and any inconvenience!

If you haven’t already done so please contact our support team so we can dig further into the issue and see if moving your sites to a less populated server helps at all. If you have submitted a ticket please supply us with the ticket# or domain name on the account and we can get it escalated over to a specialist.

Matt C

Still cannot update one plugin or wordpress version without Dreamhosts process watch software scam breaking the download and breaking the wordpress install. Stay away from dreamhost! Been a customer for 14 years and they put us on a shit server that has ruined our web presence.

DreamHost doesn’t force customers to buy anything: we provide plenty of documentation to troubleshoot and optimize WordPress issues by yourself. Ultimately DreamHost Support team does its best to help customers fix their site.

Unfortunately there are customers that don’t have the technical expertise required to pick plugins and themes that won’t create trouble on shared hosting environments. Sometimes, customers lack also the expertise required for them to follow DreamHost Support suggestions, leaving very few options to get a functioning website.

In these rare cases, the customers should either hire an expert to help them figure things out or buy a bigger hosting package to see if that helps.

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As my colleague suggested, your best bet is to work with Support directly. Remember that if you want help on this forum, you need to use more civil language, and share more details about what you’re trying to achieve. If you share all the information about the debugging work you’re doing you’ll have a chance to get useful responses on this forum. If you come here only to complain, it’ll probably make you feel better temporarily but there isn’t much more that we can do with that.