Simply can't access my website

I’m building a small site as a favor for my friend, i put it up on here to let him see the progress and I get a 404 when I try to load the page. I try to load: and it says file not found, is there something I need to do between uploading the files to the ftp and being able to load them? Ive never hosted any site before, Im new to all this.

how about you telling us your domain name. we are mostly customers here (there are some DH staff lurking though). most of us can’t help at all without your domain name. there could be a number of simple things that have gone wrong.

you might check to make sure you are uploading under the correct user. go to manage domains and it should show all of your domains and under the web hosting section you should see that its fully hosted and the user its running under. if you uploaded under a different user than the one listed you will have to log in with the correct one and upload your files.

Hello quirkles,
Sorry you’re experiencing issues! What I would suggest is contacting our support team through Live Chat or submit a ticket via your panel. When submitting ticket, please be as detailed as possible so our admins can assist you!
Dee J
Dreamhost Staff

Check the URL you enter into the browser corresponds exactly with the location of the file.

In your FTP folder, you will need to go into mysite.tld
everything you put into this initial folder will be available at: mysite.tld/filename.ext

if you create sub-folders, e.g. called folder then the files in there will be available at

Hope this helps.

I can not access my website please help!!!

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You should have started a new thread of your own, instead of tacking a message onto a 2013 thread.

Have you edited that file?

It’s possible to get a copy of that file from another wordpress install, if you don’t know how it’s been messed up.

What was the last thing you did before this error started showing up?