SimpleWire SMS tools (php version) on dreamhost?

hey all:

we used to run our own physical servers (a LAMP box) but moved to dreamhost. we used the php toolkit for sending web app-to-cellphone SMS from

anyone, especially anyone with dreamhost, know that simplewire’s php sms tools will work here? it includes installing an file.tar.gz thru the shell and some .so files, and uses php4. i havent changed my setting to php5 for the domain it will run under.

i’m moderately skilled with php/mysql, but know very little about installing linux stuff. i’m willing to learn, but i’d love to hear if anyone knows off-hand it will or wont work because of some esoteric config that i’ll never catch.


As long as you don’t need to change the server configuration, it will probably work. I don’t have any more specific information than that, though.

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