SimpleMachines Forum database errors

I’m using SMF for a very low-to-no activity forum. Over the last couple weeks I’ve received three auto-generated email notices that a connection could not be made to the database. This may be triggered by specific activity like a failed registration or RSS access to a specific subforum, or something else that may only be done by some individual once every couple weeks. I have no idea. I’m guessing that even for this low-demand forum the server was unavailable for long enough to trigger an error. I can only imagine the effect an unavailable DBMS would have on a truly active site.

I’m wondering if there is anything chronically going on with the MySQL servers that might cause this.

Specifically, the server in question is seltzer and the dates on which I received the notifications are:
8/16, 8/26, and 9/5
Is it coincidence that this is every 10-11 days? I dunno.

TIA for any comments.