Simpleinvoices installation

Hi all,

Newbie here and trying to install the simpleinvoices application ( I’ve had partial success with following the developers’ instructions, but I’m missing something and cannot connect to the site with my browser. I think it’s an incorrect database name, host name, target URL or application directory location, but can’t figure out what’s wrong. I hope you can help.

On the DH side, I’ve set up a new MySQL database ‘MyDB’ with user ‘abc’. Database is currently empty (no tables). The installation process creates tables but I’m not at that stage yet.

I’ve installed the simpleinvoices application in /home/myuserid/simpleinvoices ie at the same level as my Web site (/home/myuserid/mydomain), that is, my home level. All the files and subdirectories appear to be there.

Simpleinvoices installation instructions ( require the following to specified in a .ini file:

database.params.username = abc
database.params.password = ‘abc_password’ (single quotes required)
database.params.dbname = MyDB
database.params.port = 3306 (also required)

I should now be able to connect to http://localhost/simpleinvoices. “localhost” doesn’t work, so what should I use instead of localhost in this URL? I’ve tried mydomain/simpleinvoices (it gets confused with my Wordpress site); but this takes me to MySQL admin; (clutching at straws) …

I really don’t know what URL I should be using given the current installation configuration. Does anything in the above configuration seem wrong or inconsistent?


There isn’t currently any URL that can be used to access that directory! You’ll need to move it into the directory for your web site, at which point it’ll be accessible at (replacing “” with your domain name).

Alternatively, you can add a subdomain to your account through the DreamHost Panel and point it to that directory.

Perfect solution! I’ve moved the application into the directory of the Web site and successfully completed installation. Such a simple thing, but it has made all the difference.

Thank you!