Simple XML problem

software development


I need to display some code that the user has to type in.
this code has some “<” and “>” in it.
I’m doing it all in XML and need the XML parser NOT to think that this "blah code blah "is part of the page on which it is displayed.
I bet it’s like PHP where you use forwardslashes but really not sure…
Any clues?


PHP htmlentities()

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To be more specific:

Whatever script receives the form input should convert < and > to < and > which are the XML-defined character entities for < and >. Any compliant XML parsing software should deal with those correctly. You can decide whether you want to store the user’s input as-entered (< and >) and convert to entities every time you output from your storage, or store it as < and > and convert those back to < and > for editing within the form.