Simple Wordpress site takes more than a minute to load a page

This started happening somewhere around a couple months ago, any ideas on what the problem might be? Pages now take between 60-90 seconds on average to load.

Thank you for any assistance!

I clicked your link, and indeed it took about 90 second for the first byte then the page loaded quickly.

That’s acting like this 14 month old problem:

Open a ticket with support and ask them to check your apache instance.

Hey Jereme,

Your Apache instance looked fine, but I restarted it for good measure and that still didn’t fix the slow load issue. Looking into it further, it looks like you’re hitting some memory limits. I sent you an email with lots of info and suggestions; if you have any questions/concerns, please be sure to reply to the email. Thanks!

Your site has been hacked, actually. If you look at source of the file page_about.txt you’ll see it’s filled with garbage. I just renamed it for you from PHP.

Please open a support ticket and ask for a full hack scan so we can get that started for you. Also I suggest you read to understand how best to clean that up :frowning:

Thanks for the help, I’ll open a support ticket for this now!