Simple Web FTP Question


I feel like this is such a simple thing but I can’t find the answer anywhere. What is the ‘login’ when logging into web FTP? or where do I find this info? When I try to login into web FTP a box comes up that says:


I know what my host is, I know what my password is, and I know what my user name is. I thought perhaps that ‘Login’ was the same as user name but that is not working.


Your assumption is correct.

If you go to manage users in the panel and edit the user, is disallow FTP checked?

Also for host just use your domain name.

Also you will be alot happier if you download and install an FTP client on your local computer see for free choices, FileZilla is most popular


thank you for replying…disallow FTP is unchecked.
I got it working by changing the password. Thanks also for the heads up about installing an FTP client! I simply never considered it before; didn’t know too much about it.