Simple Upload Q

Hello -
I use Dreamweaver at home to build my webpage.
I need to be able to update one page with polo scores - live at a match without my Dreamweaver software. I will only have a laptop with internet access.
How do I do this? The laptop is a Windows XP machine.
Should I “pre-design” the page so I only add the scores before uploading? Thank-you so much.

I would design the page ahead of time, and have it up onthe website - just leave off the scores. I’d do it one of two ways - Either set up the webiste ahead of time with tables or what-not ready to just type in the scores…

  • Or set up the page and comment out the lines where the scores will go.
    Take either option, get thigns set up and then log into your account via SSL and edit the page on the server to show the scores. You can use a simlple text editor like nano.

Alternativly to avoid needing basic knowledge of HTML as I described above you could install and set up a simple blog - then you just need to log into your blog and make a new post. Ta da! you’ve got scores posted with no hassel of getting things set up ahead of time and all.