Simple Step-by-Step Guide to Protected File Access



okay, on my last host, it was really really easy to create a directory on my domain, password protect it, then create a user name/password to access it. i’m not as geeky as i used to be, and i never learned unix. and i’m failing to understand the control panel and wiki instructions, and the search i did on the forums of explanations trying to give more details.
all i can figure out is, creating a new user makes a directory with their name somewhere that i can’t find. and that i’m not allowed to see? because i’m not them? or something.
that’s about as far as i got, unfortunately.

so… can anybody post some instructions for idiots on this topic? im using the dreamhost control panel and an ftp client. the client can make directories and set file permissions. (if needed.)



FTP caps a user’s access to only their home directory. You would need to use an SFTP client to be able to “escape” your home directory to get to another user’s directory.

If you’re trying to manage another user’s directory, the easiest way is to log in as them. Any other way requires you to jump through a bunch of hoops.

If you’re trying to give one user access to one directory on your site, try this:



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