Simple Question

I uploaded a song to the root directory. Can’t find it through the browser. Shouldn’t it just be What is the URL to files loaded directly to root?

The root is the wrong place to save the mp3 file. If you ftp to your account there will be a folder in the root that is named the same as your domain name. Put the file into that folder instead of the root of your account.

To add a little more…

Each domain you host is tied to a “user” on the server. Navigate to manage domains in the panel, find the domain name in question, then look at the WEB HOSTING column, whatever user is listed there is the user you MUST be logging in via FTP with.

Next once you log in to ftp you will be in that users HOME directory ( /home/USERNAME/ ). There you should see listed a directory or folder with the SAME name as the domain or sub-domain. This folder was automatically created when the domain was added on the manage domains page in the panel. When you change into this directory you are now are at the ROOT of the domain. If you upload song.mp3 here ( /home/USERNAME/DOMAINNAME.COM/song.mp3 ) then you will find that at http://DOMAINNAME.COM/song.mp3

Thanks so much for the replies. I was uploading using a new FTP user account and never saw the domain directory. Still not sure where I would find files I upload to that user’s account. Any help is appreciated. I did find the main directory created when the account was created, so I am able to see my files now. Thanks!

If you mean how to find them in a browser at a web address then the answer is the most likely those files have no visibility on the web. They simply exist on the server under a user that has no directories being made available to the world via apache. The act of adding a domain or sub-domain in the panel does several things… one of them is to tell apache where to find the files (directory/folder) on the server and since by nature a users HOME directory belongs to a specific “user” then the “user” being logged in for ftp becomes significant.

Thanks much, LakeRat. My experience has been that you can set up multiple users to manage a single domain via FTP. I guess this is set up differently -more like a Linux distribution where users are not seen by the outside. I’ll tool around with it a bit. I accomplished what I needed to accomplish and don’t necessarily need another user account.

I should have included this helpful link before:
which explains how users can work here.

Historically there were more advanced options available to those with advanced linux file system and permission skills, but today that’s pretty much been locked down on shared servers for security reasons.