Simple PHP/SQL Inventory System

Hey all –

I’m trying to find a little application which can help one of my clients manage inventory, and display current inventory to the public. It’s a PHP/SQL website, so this should be relatively easy – an admin page to add/delete/update inventory, and public code to display all current values. That’s it.

I’ve been searching online and through these forums trying to find an already programmed solution, but can only find programs that are two specifically customized (like, say, for cataloging wines). Has anyone found a free simple inventory admin tool, or do I have to write one myself?

Let me know!!


From your description, I would suggest that you would be much better off writing it yourself. That way, you could tailor your back end and front end to match the needs of the client perfectly. If it is only inventory (and not orders, line items, etc.) it should only take a couple of hours to lash something together.

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I heartily concur. More billable hours that way too.

If all they’re after is a sort of online spreadsheet, yah.
But it never seems to just happily end there. On the upside, it nearly always leads to more billable hours.

I :heart: billable hours.

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