Simple php mailto form is unreliable

On my main website I handle a form submission with a form that builds an email, which then sends the email with the form contents to me. This worked perfectly fine for 6+ months. Unfortunately, in the recent weeks, this has proved unreliable. At some periods of time, the form goes through, but does not send the email. Does anyone have any suggestions on why this php mailto form only works some of the time?

What is the FROM address? It used to be that you could forge the from address and have the generated email appear to “from” the person filling out the form. This doesn’t work right anymore as the big email domains will reject the email because of the forged header.

Make certain the FROM address of the email is something like and that you have created that address (it can be created as “forward only”).

If you wish to be able to hit reply, then add the “reply to” header and make that be the address of the person completing the form.

Ah, yep, that seemed to be the problem, seems to work fine now, but i’ll have to wait and see. Thanks for your help.

In looking at this forum I realize that I need to include FROM address , but I’m not sure how to add that to this PHP form I have set up: