Simple non-Blog Content Management System?

I’m looking for a simple system that I could set up to allow certain people that aren’t tech savvy to create web content. Basically, they just need something like BB codes to create simple content, but neither a forum nor a wiki are needed (both provide a lot of unneeded features), and I’d like something more lightweight if possible. It’s only meant for certain people to use, and it’s meant to be a more permanent place for them to put information for all to see, which is the exact opposite of the feeling a forum or wiki would convey. It almost seems like a site builder would be good, and the main content will be simple text documents (with very limited formatting required).

Any suggestions for appropriate software?

There are several of those types of applications around, with varying features. You can find a really good list of such things, with “live demos” so you can see them in action, at

You might look at WebsiteBaker, as just one example (I have a couple of clients that are very happy with it),

Another that is “dead simple”, but actually does a very nice job for being “easy to use” is CMSimple, which also happens to have a great number of really nice templates (free and inexpensive) available.

finally, you might consider that WordPress, while primarily designed as blogging software, has actually evolved into a nice CMS for “non-blog” style content (with it’s recently developed “Pages” features) and many are using it in exactly the way that you describe.

It already has all the access control stuff, and reasonable editor, and file and image uploading built-in. With it being a “one click” on DreamHost, it may well be the easiest way to do what you want - just don’t use it as a blog. Here is a “very simple” example of WordPress used simply as a “site builder” - In addition to it’s ease of use, WordPress has an amazing number of good-looking “free” themes available too!


You can try sNews or PHP-Fusion.

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I personally like and use Ektron CMS - I think version 7 is the newest -

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I use sNews, but be warned. It is not plug’n play.
If there are features that you want in a cms, if someone has written a modification (MOD), then there will be instructions on what to change in the snews masterfile (snews.php).
If there isn’t, you will either have to write it yourself, or ask nicely for someone to write it for you.

Snews has a basic text/article editor(admin), file upload unit(admin), search unit, sitemap, archive, and a little more (but not much)

snews can be found at
forum is

It is a friendly place, but some of the inhabitants can come across as refreshingly ‘odd’ :smiley:

I can be found there under username philmoz