Simple machines

i’m having such a hard time installing this using the simple webinstaller. is there anyone who can help me?

i’m completely new to all of this and am feeling completely stupid.

here’s the error screen i’m getting:

There is no /mnt/local. I don’t know what it needs that path for, but if it’s looking for your domain folder, it’s /home/USERNAME/

Is that the first installation screen? I can’t find SMF docs that document this screen.



thanks so much for replying.

i don’t even know where that came from, either. i tried doing it with the new information, and it still didn’t work. i can’t believe how dumb i’m feeling right now.

change only for install the directory where is smf to 777 say chmod 777 smfdir/ -R

Now try to install…

After finished try a more secure permissions like 755 o 751…


Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.

i got it all figured out… i ended up having to install the old fashioned way vs. the ‘easy’ web install.

thanks so much for the help!