Simple install OWA to new folder analytics

Hey everybody! I have a simple question and more less it’s a sanity check for me before I go too far. I’m interested in starting up analytics for a site and want to try the OpenWebAnalytics one click install.

I have a WordPress site set up on shared hosting - manually installed at the domain root, so WP is at:

At the Custom One-Click Installer I selected the domain from the drop-down list and up pops a form message, “Please be sure there are no files there now.” Since that warning is positioned right under the domain name, it scared me from going on with the install and prompted this post.

(I just don’t want to waste time due to a misunderstanding or have my previous work overwritten. I know you understand!)

The next form entry looks like it’s for a directory name, but what do I put there?

  1. Should the directory name be of an existing ‘folder’?
  2. I can name the directory whatever I like?
  3. Should I put in a slash at the end of the directory name?

I also selected to ‘Automatically Create Database’.

Thanks for your input! Also, if you’d have any tips for analytics in the case of monitoring several sites hosted here I would love to hear them.

You need to install it into an empty directory. If you are running WordPress in the root, I would recommend setting up a subdomain for OWA and using a robots.txt file to keep search engine from indexing it.

Just to verify, I would select the domain from the dropdown list and put something like ‘owa’ in the next form slot, not ‘owa/’ ?

So, the system that does the one-click install will create the folder in which to install owa?

It does not seem that the one-click install has a choice for installs.

Thank you for mentioning the robots.txt file.

Got it!
Found out that a subdomain is easily created from Domains > Manage Domains.
Click the ‘Add Hosting to a Domain/Subdomain’ button.
On the next page under Domain name > Domain to host: enter your chosen

Didn’t catch the “sub-domains are okay!” the first time around when I added the site to be hosted.

The subdomain was created by filling in the rest of the form and clicking on ‘Fully host this domain’ button.

Going back to the One-Click install for OWA, I saw the in the drop-down list.