Simple Install Mystery



Hi all,

I have a zenphoto install, initially created as one a ‘simple install’. I remember reading several months ago that simple installs were being discontinued, which is fine. They mystery I need help with is that I also remember reading that existing simple installs would be converted over to the normal one-click installs by Dreamhost. This hasn’t happened for my zenphoto install, which seems to still be present but is non-functioning.

So, was I imagining that the simple installs were going to be converted? I’ve scoured my email, checked the blog, and googled the interwebs and can find no reference to such a thing. I’m not too bothered that it’s not being converted (I’ll rebuild with an alternate app), I’m just worried that I have such a clear memory of being told about this. Please help with my moment of existential self-doubt!


We’re currently in the process of converting simple installs to “advanced” (normal) installs; you should have received an email about this a while back. We’ve got a lot of installs to convert, and it’s pretty slow going, but we’ll get to your Zenphoto install in due time!


Great, I didn’t imagine it then - thanks!