Simple HTML form submission

I’ve created a simple html form for my website and I think I followed the instructions on the Dreamhost FormMail page correctly, but I’m not getting an email with the submissions. So…apparently not :wink:

I have this prior to the HTML code for the form:

And then the HTML code follows that. I’ve set up the webmail on dreamhost to foward to three different email addresses (gmail, yahoo, hotmail), but I’m not getting the submission on any of them.

When I submit the form on the site, I do get the confirmation screen and all the data is recorded correctly. Is there another step I’m missing? Or is there a significant time lag between the submission and when the email comes through?

Thanks for any help!

Dreamhost may need to comment on this… Reviewing formmail docs I see a potential problem

Both and state:

(bolding by me)

This type of email spoofing is now prohibited however.

Perhaps this has been updated and the documentation missing or lagging. It seems like this should have been an issue for someone else by now… I had a formmail set up on a test domain but it looks like I’ve nuked it. I may try and set it up again later.

NM…I’m an idiot…

I was missing the “=” in the second line. Works fine now.

I swear I looked at that 8000 times

Awsome =] I see what you were missing now. I hadn’t read the code closely after I read the line I bolded from the docs.

Just out of curiosity what is the “from” header, meaning who does your inbox show the message is from?

The email shows it was sent by nobody@nin​​

Thanks, looks like the documentation is lagging then… =]