Simple forum scripts.. Do any exist?

Hello all! :smiley:

I was hoping to set up a -simple- forum to my website. (because I really don’t want my visitors to have to deal with a difficult interface and have pointsystems/pm options/etc.) The only forum I’ve ever used before was “Ikonboard” but I believe one has to have a personal MySQL account set up on their site (which I do not have). I was thinking of setting up a phpbb forum, but it still looks like it’d be too “busy” and full of forms/scripts to fill out.

So my question is, does anyone happen to know of any good, simple bbs/forums? I’d like it if I could have avators, but it’s not necessary. ^_^;

All DH accounts come with MySQL access now, so you don’t have anything to worry about on that front, and I don’t think Ikonboard requires MySQL anyway. PHPBB does, and I’d actually recommend it the more of the two, as (in my experience) it’s extremely easy to set up and virtually bulletproof in terms of stability. It is pretty feature-rich, but you can turn off a lot of the features, or edit them out in the template files. If you want to see a fairly simple implementation of it, check out the discussion forums on my dad’s site at: