Simple Digital Downloads Question

I am working for a record label that plans to release digital downloads of our albums and some videos using Concrete5’s ecommerce and downloads add-on.

Can anybody tell me what is the file size limit for uploads (bandwidth?)? Are there limits to the types of files we can upload? Also, are
all these files going to be hosted via mySQL (or some other dreamhost app)
and then be used by the Concrete5 ecommerce add on? Or is it the other way around?

I emailed Concrete5 support with a similar question and they said that their
add-on has no limit but my hosting service might put a cap on it. Whereas when I emailed Dreamhost their guy responded saying that Concrete5 is written in PHP which has a default 7MB per file cap. . . but I’m sure most digital products are larger than that.

I am new to this web hosting business so any help is always appreciated.

You can increase the default 7MB file size limit my creating your own php.ini file and editing post_max_size and upload_max_filesize:

Don’t worry about a system limit to how big of a file you can store here, or the file type. As long as it’s in support of your website and you own the copyrights, you’re fine.

MySQL is the database that Concrete5 uses to operate. The file is hosted on an the web server (not the database server).

Thanks for the helpful, straight-forward answer! You say the file is hosted on the web server, and I assume that you use a FTP client to get the file onto the dreamhost web server? Then I assume it’s easily imported into Concrete5 ecommerce.
Also, is there any limit to the upload_max_filesize?

I don’t know how Concrete5 manages files. It’s quite possible that it has its own upload mechanism that relies on your PHP settings. It might let your FTP a file first, and then link to it that way.

For the max sizes, I’ve used 100 Megs in the past with no problem. I wouldn’t be surprised if it can go way beyond that, but you might run into timeout issues for huge files that take a long time to upload.