Simple Cron Job problem

…or so I think.

I am trying to run a cron job that will execute a PHP page once a day. I run this in shell:

…done and done, exactly what I need. Put that as the command to run a cron job and this is the error:

I have tried everything I can think of for it to find the php command but no dice. I have gone on to try numerous other methods of making this page run, but can’t for the life of me get anyone’s suggestions to work.

Any help?

From the fact that you are getting a 401 error, I infer that the directory the file is in is protected with .htaccess?

even without the .htaccess file, still gets 401 error with the wget method. chmod to 755, same thing.

just went over to that thread again and saw your ammendment to your script

all is working perfect now. thank-you again, much appreciated.

Not a problem! I went back and edited my original script, which I should have done earlier. Sorry about that.