Simple "contact me" webform

does dreamhost provide some simple code that i can use to have the data from a simple contactme webform get sent on to my email address without revealing my email address to spambots and such? i know 10 years ago webservers were configured with cgi scripts and we’d only have to structure the formatting of the text emailed to the user and the text emailed to the client, but i have no idea what is used today. Don’t need any fancy db to collect any data…just sending it through and preferrably landing on an html page that confirms that that happened.

This should help you out

I do believe that DH uses Matt’s formmail script. There is a more updated php version that you can put on your own space (Jack’s formmail script you can get here: ). I would recommend you get the RJ variation (5.x) listed on this page: as it may have some additional options you might find useful. The page on DH wiki that I linked to does have all of the options you can put on your form listed at the bottom and it is still relevant for Jack’s form mail script. I say it is better to use your own copy as you can alter things such as which domains are allowed to use the script (meaning you can in essesence ‘lock’ the script so that it will only send out messages if it came from certain domains. That is very useful to make sure people aren’t using your script to spam (and they will definitely try). Anyway I have used Jack’s formmail script for years and years and it does allow you to input a confirmation landing page in the script after your user has submitted the form.