Simple blog takes more than 5 seconds to respond

What is wrong with dreamhost? My blog loads so slow everyone is complaining. It’s just a simple blog. I posted an article on digg and everyone complains how slow it is

I sent my site to my friend and he says it’s slow too

I use Wordpress for my blogging system, i have no clue what’s wrong with my site

I m pretty sure the site itself have no error

Someone gimme a feedback or comment on this issue please? Thanks

P.S my site:

I can’t imagine what the problem could be, so I’ll just take a guess… the digg effect? :wink:

On a shared server, anything that’s not perfectly optimized will probably have trouble. If you’re going to be the one submitting your site to Digg, you might want to throw up a static page to lighten the load the first.

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It didn’t seem too bad today…


Tried it just this second, aside from the initially slow DNS lookup (which is my ISP’s fault, grr) the page loaded pretty quickly considering my bandwidth is fairly saturated right now.

Which box are you on?

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You have offsite: statcounter, something from Youtube, gif from funtonia, and Google ads? And some flash stuff? All that takes a while.

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fully agree… sometimes it takes some time to load Google ads

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