Simnple question on SVN

The SVN docs talk about creating a subdomain and several security keys and other complex issues, but I think the SVN checkout command is simple enough if you don’t need your own local repository. I am running Gallery2 and need to update it to the latest SVN version. I type "svn checkout and I think that’s all I need to do.

Problem is, I first tried this and did not add my own path, so it placed the whole SVN into the dir I issued the command in. I tried again and was interrupted. I tried again and said I should do an svn cleanup first, so I did that, no errors. After the cleanup command I tried again to svn checkout into a given pathname dir, and it would not complete as it states the filename/s are already there. I just want to start over. I tried simply copying the first mistake svn that I downloaded into my root dir, into my Gallery2 dir, but that only screwed up my G2 installation and had to restore from an older backup.

The other problem I have is that the svn checkout url path is to /…/…/gallery2, so when I try to do an SVN by adding the path to my dir, it still puts everything in a subfolder called gallery2. My G2 root is not called gallery2 on my site.

Can anyone help me with these 2 issues?