Silverstripe Testing Env wants DB Create



The command-line test environment for Silverstripe development wants to create an empty DB for each run.

The CREATE call to the Dreamhost MySQL servers fails because Dreamhost DB’s can only be created from the front panel.

Has anybody got a work-around for creating a temporary DB under the control of a PHP script?

Thanks, Jim


Does Silverstripe let you test against a SQLite database? If so, you should probably try that.

If not, you’ll probably just have to run your unit tests on your own computer.


What about installing a mysql daemon on the PS test host?


You can try that too if you like. We don’t provide management (e.g, backups) for self-installed MySQL servers, though.


No backup desired. It’s a test environment that sets up a new DB for each run and then throws it away after the test is run.

The Daemon now runs quite well.