Silly question - where is Account Status?


Ok so when you look at the “Are You Affected?” link on the status page it says “If you’re seeing problems and are curious to find out what file, web, email or database server your account utilizes, all you have to do is log into the web control panel and click on the ‘Account Status’ link near the top of the page.”

I can’t seem to spot the ‘Account Status’ link. Here is a screen shot of what I see at the first page when you log into the webpanel

Can someone tell me what I’m missing :frowning:


How odd — it seems to be missing. It’s supposed to appear in the top right of the screen, under “Discussion Forum | Edit Profile | Logout”.

I’ve never seen this happen before (and I’m using Firefox myself), so my gut feeling is that one of your Firefox extensions is keeping it from showing up. Can you try disabling some of your addons to see if that helps?


i noticed that my account status wasn’t working a few day ago. clicking on it made a small part extend down, but then it kept waiting and waiting, as if it couldn’t connect to the server or something.


It’s showing up for me now – and working.


Ok well here is FF with all the addons turned off.

And here even is IE :S

I’m wondering if its because I am not actually the main login for this account. The account holder made me a sub-login…

But I do feel better than I’m not just and idiot and not seeing the link :stuck_out_tongue:


Aha - that’s exactly it. I believe that the Account Status dropdown doesn’t show up for subsidiary logins which don’t have billing access.