Signing Up


I emailed the Sales Team but forgot to ask a question about the signup process.

When using the coupon code that was told to me for the LP refugee thing, when does the actual billing take place? One year from signup I’m assuming but I have to have all these things cleared up for when I talk to my clients that are wanting to move away from LP.

Also, is there a phone number that I can use to reach anyone for more questions? Or is email/forums the only contact point?



Merlins Minute


First, welcome aboard. I can’t believe LP pulled such a dumb business move. Advertising revenue will never pay off long-term as well as satisfied customers.

Second, these forums are basically customer to customer. While a “honcho” may pop in once in a while, posting here is not a good way of contacting Dreamhost. This is, however, a great resource for basic (and advanced) assistance in solving problems and maintaining your site(s).

I suggest sending your follow up question to sales directly. Unfortunately, I do not know the answer to your actual question. Maybe you will get lucky, and one of the “honchos” will see your post and answer here, it is a good question.


On edit: No phone contacts are available. I have not missed this “feature” in my dealings with DH.


DH existing customer can purchase phone support at $9.95 / mo for 1 year. If you are not customer yet, the best way for you to contact DH support is via email. Although there may be a delay to reply you, you can get clear answers.

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Thanks guys for the info. I’ll follow up via email. No way am I paying for phone support. That should be included as part of the package instead of being paid for additionally but that’s not a deal breaker…just a difference of opinion.

Thanks again. =^)


Merlins Minute


Didn’t know that! Thanks for the correction.


You should note that it’s actually callback support and not a number that you can phone into.

Regarding whether it should be included in the base plan, I like to remember that everything that costs money to provide either has to be amortized across all customers or charged for on an a la carte basis. Actually, DreamHost did have a plan that provided 3 callbacks a month - you just needed to buy the $20 a month plan instead of the $10 a month plan.

It’s all a matter of what you want to use and whether you’re happy paying for it. For example, I’d guess that DreamHost could force everyone to pay $15 a month and get callback support. I’d rather forgo the extra $5 and not have to pay for a service that I’m not going to use - especially since all I’m doing is subsidizing the people who do want phone callbacks.

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