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I would love to try Dream Host, BUT, it will not even let me get to the place to sign up, it just keep taking me back to log in and saying that the ID and Password are incorrect. PLUS I have emailed support twice and not gotten a response! In the mean time I have used someone else. What Poor Business this is. Well if I ever get any feed back on why I can not creat an ID and Password, maybe I will see if the rest of the business is worth fooling with. I am a web master for more than one site, but I wouldn’t fool with a mess like this for now.


Hi Anon -

Where were you going to sign up (specifically, what URL did you go to)?

As far as I can tell, we have had no sign-up problems today. Our sign-up “numbers” appear to be about where they should be.

  • Jeff @ DreamHost
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Nevermind. I signed-up with
Everything is unlimited, and it’s half the price of dreamhost.
Sorry dude.


Hi Anon -

[quote]Sorry dude.


No worries! I hope they work out well for you.

Sorry again for the problems you had signing up, though!

  • Jeff @ DreamHost
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